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Zelda-inspired breakable pot with rupees


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Zelda-inspired breakable pot with rupees

Come on… you can confess…

The best moments of Zelda games is when you find a pot and break it to find some rupees.

…and guess what? You could do it in the real life !

This pot is 3D-printed and hand-painted in different parts that.
Consider it as a puzzle you can do and undo as many times as you want.

Everything stands with magnets, and you will also have four colored rupees inside the pot.

The pot is about 100 x 85 x 85mm , or 3,9 x 3,3 x 3,3 inches, once assembled.
Rupees dimensions are 40 x 11.5 x 25mm or 1.6 x 0.45 x 1 in.

Icone Smiley Flaticon Original design by Conceptify

Object under Creative commons licence (CC BY), published by ClassyGoat:

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